Your academic records and extracurricular activities are important factors but the personal interview gives the admissions committee a chance to evaluate and understand you holistically as an applicant. During the interview, you are evaluated on traits including your ability to communicate and interact, social consciousness, maturity, personal integrity, tolerance and service to others, among others. The interview also serves an opportunity to determine your motivations for a health professions career.


GW Resources

The GW Center for Career Services offers free interview preparation for GW students and alumni. The Center also provides industry-specific resources and career coaches for students interested in health-related industries. Students are encouraged to contact that office for more information and to make appointments with their team.


Helpful Tips for Interviews


Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI)

The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI), developed by McMaster University, is an interview format that gauges an applicant’s potential to successfully interact with patients and colleagues. The MMI is designed to measure verbal and nonverbal communication skills that cannot be measured using standardized written exams or by reviewing coursework transcripts. The MMI typically consists of six to 10 very short interviews that revolve around a specific scenario.

MMI Resources