Application Timelines

The application process and timeline varies depending on the health profession. Please check the appropriate CAS (Central Application System) to determine dates to apply and eligibility requirements.

Program-specific timelines will be posted on the individual Health Professions pages when available.


Sample Timeline

For medical and dental school, applicants apply a full year before planning to matriculate. There are a number of steps that precede and follow the submission of your application, so please review this timeline carefully.


  1. Meet with a pre-health advisor to assess whether you are ready to apply to medical school. If relevant, understand the implications of being an international or underrepresented student in medicine.
  2. Follow the current instructions for preparing your Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) application, assuming you meet the eligibility requirements.
  3. Begin asking faculty, supervisors and/or physicians for letters of recommendation.
  4. Draft your personal statement and resume. Attend an application process workshop.


  1. If you meet the minimum requirements, complete and submit your application for a letter of evaluation by the HPAC.
  2. Prepare, register and sit for the MCAT or DAT.
  3. Schedule and complete an interview with the HPAC.
  4. Research and select the schools to which you plan to apply. Be aware of how your residence should factor into your school selection.


  1. Complete a common application (AMCAS, AACOMAS, TMDSAS, etc.) and submit it as early as possible. Most common applications may be submitted around June 1. Apply early — it really makes a difference due to rolling admissions!
  2. Complete secondary/supplemental applications as they are received. You should maintain careful records and keep copies of all materials relating to your applications.
  3. Request your HPAC letter and other letters of recommendation (if applicable) be sent to the appropriate application service and/or program.

Fall/Winter the Following Year

  1. Prepare for interviews with prospective schools
  2. Ace your interviews!