Becoming a Successful Applicant

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In addition to academic achievement and entrance exam scores, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and health profession programs look for core competencies among applicants.

You must also have a thorough understanding of the health profession to be a successful applicant. Gaining hands-on healthcare experience is crucial to test your assumptions about the medical field.

Working with your Pre-Health advisor, you will plan to participate in clinical, community service, and research while you are an undergraduate student at GW. 


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    Core Competencies for Applicants

    These 15 core competencies have been endorsed by the AAMC Group on Student Affairs Committee on Admissions to indicate a student's preparedness for medical school. Developing these characteristics takes time and effort. Students should explore campus and community involvement opportunities to gain valuable leadership and interpersonal experiences. Explore your interests — not all of your activities need to be health-related!


    • Service orientation
    • Social skills
    • Cultural competence
    • Teamwork
    • Oral communication


    • Ethical responsibility to self and others
    • Reliability and dependability
    • Resilience and adaptability
    • Capacity for improvement

    Thinking & Reasoning

    • Critical thinking
    • Quantitative reasoning
    • Scientific inquiry
    • Written communication


    • Living systems
    • Human behavior

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