The GW Pre-Med Planner

January 13, 2022

The first edition of the GW Pre-Med Planner is now available to download.

pre-med planner 

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Why a pre-med planner?

Your pre-health journey will be a lengthy one, spanning far beyond just your 4 undergraduate years. However, they don't have to be entirely fraught with uncertainty and stress! The best way to combat at least some of the uncertainty is to make a plan. This is where the GW Pre-Med Planner comes in. With guided pages such as a 4-year prerequisite & extracurricular planner, 10 pages to log your activities, a contact page with an email template for reaching out to letter writers, a self-care plan and more - this planner is comprehensive and makes planning out your pre-health journey a breeze. Not to mention that the index includes links so that you can easily navigate to the page you need with one click!

How can I access it?

This planner is all digital, so you can simply download it. This is ideal for use on a tablet with a PDF notation app such as Notability, combining the best of both a traditional, physical planner and a digital app.

How should I use the planner?

The best way to use the planner is in conjunction with me, your pre-health advisor! Let's work together to map out your next 4 years and keep track of everything we talk about using the planner. The planner is a great place to start if you're new to the pre-health path and are unsure of where to start.

I prefer physical planners/ I don't have a tablet...

Totally understand! For now, while the planner is being piloted, it will remain digital. The hope is to gather the feedback of students and improve the planner before looking into making it into a physical planner.

But I'm not pre-med...

That's okay! You can still use this planner as the majority of the pages can be used universally regardless of your pre-health track. But don't worry! Planners for other tracks will be coming soon.

I have suggestions!

Great! The more feedback, the better so that the planner can be improved.

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